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Hi! I'm Navita Margueritte and Welcome to

The Urban doll is an accumulation of my work as a makeup artist and freelance stylist as well as my personal style and other random interests. I am a CA licensed Esthetician and a lover of all things sparkly. I started my blogging  about 4 years ago and have enjoyed the journey thus far. I am learning and growing and figuring it all out.

Reflecting on what I really want for myself and for my audience I came to the conclusion that this is a site for anyone else who is figuring it out, The "you don't have to be perfect to blog" blog. For as long as I can remember putting outfits together for myself and my friends has been something near and dear to my heart. I love seeing looks come together and people's reactions either for their personal lives or for photo shoots. 

 I'd love to collaborate with local artists and inspire anyone who feels a little lost. Let's get lost togetha. ✌🏾

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