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Here is more breath taking images from the photo shoot I styled for Francisco Chavira and Justin Molina of Snap It|See It . I love how the striking landscape flows flawlessly with the color and design of this vintage inspired Anthropologie dress from last Spring. Picking images for these last couple of posts was really hard. I love the different stories that can be told from one pose just by being photographed from up close, then from farther away. This post became less about showing the dress (shocking) and more about the images that resonated with me.

Soft Focus


When I was a freshman in high school I recall the early stages of the popularity of digital cameras. I refer to that time as the dark ages. I was confused and fearful. I remember thinking that 1 hr photo development would soon be a thing of the past.  I was up to a roll of film a week, marveling at the fact that with a check of a square I could get my color pictures also in black and white. Duplicates, glossy, matte- options that made me a very happy preteen. I fought digital for a good while. In short I was not amused. I grew up and I got over it.  I have grown to appreciate digital photography, and most importantly, I learned that film photography was not just what was available all my life, it is a pure art form (even though I thought the sky was falling when I learned of digital photography), there was and is and will always be a very strong community of film photographers that keep this art alive. Film will never be obsolete thanks to these amazing artists. I had the privileged of styling a photo shoot for 2/3 of the founders of Snap It| See It, Francisco Chavira (Flickr) and Justin Molina (Flickr). To say they inspire me is an understatement. They have the gift of bringing insane richness, heart+soul to their pictures its unreal.  Both guys have been featured on The Impossible Project blog and gallery space in NYC for their skillful use of instant film.  One look they shot for our collaboration was The Heiress Dress (buy here). Makeup and styling done by me. Take a look, take a breath and enjoy the beauty.





Justin_khaileyshoot-11 Justin_khaileyshoot-9khai4khai3

My Year in Makeup


Last year was filled with many makeup applications. I hope to share more in the near future.  My aesthetic is less bells and whistles and more comfort and simplicity. Don't get me wrong, I love glitter and drama! Maybe this year i'll be inspired to do more of that. Last year I was inspired by simple, classic, fresh face looks. Here are some of the photo shoots I was so happy to lend my brushes to. Before.

makeup1Picture taken from diptic for Instagram

After. Classic


Photograph by: Francisco Chavira shot with black and white film (obsessed) Dress on sale now in TUD Vintage shop


The dream team. My gal Megan and I getting my beautiful bride ready. Shout out to my polka dot Kate Spade nail art! Photograph by: Linda Manyisha of Betty Byrd Photography





My bride wanted a simple look. I love simple makeup as you can see in this post. I love enhancing what a person has naturally.


Theurbandolldigital 493MMy first photo shoot of last year.





Serena Van Der Woodsen makes socialites old and new irrelevant. Her celebrity status seemed to trump anyone else. Guys want to be with her and girls want to be her. Serena's style was simply cool, not every strand of hair in place while at the same time it looked perfect. Her formula was simple- curve hugging, stem showing show stoppers. She had the most versatility; One minute she could be seen in flat knee high boots and jeans then the next in an amazing couture gown. Serena was always flawless and classic and a bombshell in the truest sense of the word.  Here are some of my favorite Serena moments as well as some Serena look-a-likes so you too can have her crazy cool style. serenatrenchSerena in Burberry(L)   Similar Calvin Klein Coat (R)



Alice + Olivia Orange top (L) Similar color Cecil Maxi Dress (R)



Serena in Emilio Pucci jacket (L) Similar Jarlo Eliza Blazer (R)


Some Serena style dresses from Anthropologie & Free People.


Sunblaze Lace DressToulouse Cocktail SheathRoyal Shineness Dress (Free People)


Anthropologie (In store)  Unilateral Dress


Burberry Belted Lace Trench Coat


Dress by  Zuhair Murad