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This fall, black and blue is making its presence known. My drool-worthy black and blue moment came from Preen, one of my favorites! (This collection is worth checking out if you haven't had the chance to yet.) Without even realizing it I pulled some looks together that happened to incorporate this trend, so I went with it. I had this amazingly cool bomber type jacket from H&M that I wanted to share with the world. This jacket is made up of my fashion heaven of houndstooth and sheer material - it can make a simple t-shirt and jeans look amazing, it's just that cool! I also wanted to show how I make the most out of the items in my closet by creating outfits within outfits. Seems a bit much, but it's not as bulky as it sounds. In my first look I am wearing a fancy cocktail dress, and have toned it down by wearing it as a top paired with a sheer maxi skirt. The dress also acts as a slip, and the maxi skirt gives you the coverage without making it too matronly. The second look is a semi-sheer high-low dress that I’m wearing like a skirt. Both looks are worn with the H&M Bomber. Proportion is everything when using a garment for a reason other than what it was intended. I have done this for years and it has really come in handy when I’m in a pinch. It saved me when I backpacked for three months and only had a few garments that I had to recycle; I had to be super creative to make what little I had look fun, interesting and new. You can take the girl out of fashion, but you can't take the fashion out of the girl! I will post more hybrid outfits in the future since I love playing around with different looks! It comes in handy if you need to be on a fashion budget.

Jacket: H&M, Dress&Skirt: Silence+Noise (old), Shoes: Deena & Ozzy Wedges (old), Necklace: Anthropologie

Jacket: H&M, Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Woven Lita Boot', Necklace: Anthropologie

I had the priviledge with working with SF based photographer Christophe Tomatis (even his name is rad). Christophe has super skills and makes it look easy!

All Photos above take by: Christophe Tomatis "C Tomatis Photography"