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This week marked the last time we will be seeing the upper east side crew on the tele. I for one am sad to see the amazing costume designs of  Eric Daman and the fabulous designers he uses that have all played a part in the iconic Gossip Girl fashion. Not since Mona May's kick butt costume designs for Clueless have I been as inspired. For the next two weeks I will be showing styles from leading ladies Blair and Serena.This week I'm paying homage to some of my favorite Blair Waldorf looks. Blair's style is the epitome of femininity. I can relate to her love of prints, bows and headbands! She is a lady through and through. She loves art, literature and foreign cinema. She is a well-read hopeless (yet at times cynical) romantic and of course beautiful. I found so many Blair inspired looks without needing a Valentino budget all at Anthropologie. I know you'll love it!


Blair in Valentino (center) Caridad Ruffled Dress (L)   Coquette Matelasse Dress (R)

Blair in Marchesa (L) Goldleaf Cocktail Dress  (R)

Blair in Christian Dior (L)  Pastel Paisley Dress (R)


Inked Velvet Strapless Dress (L)  Versailles Matelasse Dress (R)

Glitzen Bow Dress (L)  Flocked Botany Dress (R)

Iconic Ms. Blair in Oscar De La Renta

Dress down Manhattan style. So adorable!

The first dress I fell madly in love with on Blair (in Valentino)